Käsmu Sea Museum

Käsmu Sea Museum is located in border guard station building of tsar times and presents the history of legendary Käsmu captains' village. Exhibits reflect all the areas connected to the sea. 

Lobi Museum

Lobi Museum has a rich collection of items telling the story of life in a coastal village. The museum is the cultural centre of the local village life. It has collected and continues to collect the heritage of Lobi village.

Palmse Manor & Museum

Palmse Manor and open-air museum were the first fully restored manor complex in the country. The open-air museum boasts parks and historical buildings and features exhibitions, workshops and more. 

Sagadi Manor & Museum

The history of Sagadi Manor dates back for 500 years. The manor complex is extraordinary for its unity: lots of outbuildings with repaired roads, parkways, park and ponds.

sagadi forest museum

Sagadi Manor complex includes the Sagadi Forest Museum, which displays things connected with Estonian forests and forestry, including hunting, woodwork and the environment.

Karepa Kalame Farm Museum

At Kalame, you will see 19th-century buildings, a cottage-cum threshing barn typical of the northern coast of Estonia, a granary, and a fully functional and a very unique eel kitchen.

Kolga museum

The earliest records of Kolga Manor date back to the 13th century. Kolga Museum, located in the main building of the manor complex, showcases the history and rich cultural heritage of Kuusalu Parish.

Rakvere castle

When you enter Rakvere castle, you will find yourself in a theme park representing the everyday life of the 16th century. There, both young and old visitors can spend an exciting day.