Hiking trip in Käsmu

Käsmu peninsula has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Who would not know the white houses of the famous ‘Captains’ Village’ and its maritime school with a dignified history?

Exploring Pedassaare cape

In Pedassaare, we can see the oldest and thickest coastal pines in Estonia, firs that crawl along the ground, rubble barrier, and a lot more interesting. Our trip takes us to past Soviet border defence facilities. 


The hike starts in Vainupea, which was a popular summer resort as early as during the tsarist era. The hike ends in the coastal village of Altja, which has a colourful history.

Nighttime hike in Sagadi

A nighttime trip to the primaeval forest of Sagadi Manor - the forest is mysterious and mystical. All senses are heightened in the forest at night. Only the bravest have gone for a forest hike at night. 


Nature guide and huntsman Peeter Hussar is considered the salt of the earth in Lahemaa. With him, we can wander along forest trails and study the signs that nature leaves.

Hiking with lanterns

First, we will walk around the Kolga Manor and its park. Then, we will have a cup of tea and a snack, and the hike will end with a tour on the upper floors of the manor house.

Guided hike in Viru bog

My childhood home is located in this neck of the woods. Even though there was no hiking trail in Viru bog at the time, our family often came here to pick berries and mushrooms, and my father for work.


During the hike, we will admire the landscape from an observation tower, visit a peat milling field, take a look at various plants, as well as talk about the related lore and the significance of bogs for the biota. 

Waterfalls in Lahemaa

Animal watching - Bears, wolves & bird migration

This trip takes us to the footsteps of these animals to West Estonia, Hiiumaa, Lahemaa National Park and to Alutaguse bear cave in East Estonia.

Bogshoeing in Lahemaa

The best way to get around in Estonia’s bogs is bogshoeing. Bogshoes are like snowshoes – except you wear them in bogs when there is no snow. Anyone who is capable of an ordinary hike can give it a go!

Snowshoe hike in Viru bog

Viru bog is a mixture of incredibly diverse landscapes, bog pools, strips, and hollows. During the journey, we will cross the bog islands and take a look at the regenerating peatlands.