Lepispea Caravan & Camping

Lepispea Caravan & Camping is for guests travelling by motorhomes and caravans, and for campers. We are located in a beautiful location by the sea and about 1 km from Võsu. 

Lainela Holiday Village

Lainela Holiday Village is a perfect place for gatherings and summer events for larger groups. Three hectares is enough space for tents, various ball game fields and there's extra space to install a stage.

Eisma Holiday Village

Eisma Holiday Village is located in a beautiful place near the Lahemaa National Park. We own a 4.5-hectare area in a pine forest by the sea where we welcome both large and small groups.

Toolse Resort Village

Our resort village is ready to accommodate both larger and smaller groups all year round. People who want to enjoy the beautiful natural world, as well as those who value privacy, are invited to join us.