You can travel to Võsu by land as well as by sea. When coming from Tallinn, a straight 50 km long section of the Tallinn-Narva highway will make your car or bus trip comfortable. Turning off the highway, a naturally beautiful and varied road continues 25 kilometres to Võsu. But before you drive on, take a moment to breathe in the mossy air of Viru Bog. You have reached Võsu - Käsmu crossroads: if you turn left, you will reach the picturesque Käsmu Captains' Village; the road to the right takes you to the most beautiful manor complexes in Estonia; but if you decide to drive straight forward, a cosy seaside resort village with a nice sandy beach awaits you. 
What is more fun than sailing along the sea and enjoying long white summer nights? On the unspoiled beaches of the Lahemaa coast, you are alone with nature, but if you miss the hustle and bustle, land in our small harbours and become part of the village life. There are excellent opportunities for hiking and cycling in Võsu and Lahemaa. Walk, cycle or roller skate on Võsu - Käsmu 6 km long pedestrian and cycle path that connects two coastal villages; or take a hike on the 375 km long trail of Oandu - Aegviidu - Ikla that starts near Võsu.


Tallinn – Võsu 75 km
Helsinki – Tallinn – Võsu 162 km
Helsingi – Võsu by sea 87 km
St. Petersburg – Võsu 313 km
Stockholm – Tallinn 378 km
Stockholm – Võsu 453 km 

Narva – Võsu 155 km
Pärnu – Võsu 156 km
Viljandi – Võsu 166 km
Tartu – Võsu 174 km
Haapsalu – Võsu 177 km
Kuressaare – Võsu 295 km